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+ Buyback & Consignment

Do you have IT equipment or telephony hardware that is no longer in service?

Why let it collect dust when you can recycle your hardware
for cash!

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+ Our Mission

SAVE time and money on hardware acquisitions.

SOURCE and deliver hard to find products at the price you need it at.

OFFER a green alternative to decommissioned hardware.

+ Welcome to Hardware Solutions Canada

Hardware Solutions Canada is an international reseller of new surplus, recently discontinued and hard to find information technology equipment. Simply put, our objective is to save you time, money and frustration with the purchase of IT equipment. Hardware Solutions Canada supplies a range of data networking/telecom products, VoIP solutions, phone systems, servers, storage subsystems, GBICs/SFPs, printers and so much more.

Contact Hardware Solutions to put our expertise to work and show you how we can add value to your IT department.

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